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We are a group of Physicians, nurses, and medical assistants dedicated to women empowerment. Helping women feel confident about the way they look through state of the art services we provide at our office




At Lucent cosmetics we offer the latest aesthetics and medical treatment for our patients, all our patients are treated by licensed professionals from cosmetic procedures to injectables, we understand the variety of our patient's need and we excel in performance.


Botox OR Dysport

Forehead, between eyebrows,Crow's feet, masseter muscle, TMJ joint injection, Arm pit injection for sweating, also hands and feet injection as well as calves injection done in as little as 15 mn Botox injection for migraine . Botox 40 units $320 20 units $160 Dysport 50 units $150 100 units $300 BUY IT FROM OUR PRICING TABLE

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Juvederm Ultra Plus XC

injection of any area of the face, LIPS, Marionettes, Cheek bones, NOSE, 11 LINES etc...Only Juvederm Vollure can go under eyes Procedure takes 15 to 20 mn 1 cc Juvederm Ultra plus $425.00 BUY IT FROM OUR PRICING TABLE BELOW

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Restylane L

injection anywhere on the face but mainly under eyes, also same areas as Juvederm Ultra plus Procedure takes 15 to 20 mn, Restylane is also used as skin booster for superficial skin rejuvenation. 1 cc Restylane L $427.00 Restylane Kysse 1cc $500 (great for lips, no lumps)


Body contouring and cellulite reduction treatment, consist of sessions between 15mn and 30mn, where radio frequency and infrared is applied locally to your skin, reducing the thickness of fat and stretching the skin for better skin tone at the site of application mainly ( belly, thighs, inner thighs, back of legs and love handles also any other area of the body, treatment is given weekly coupled with diet, exercise and Vit B12 injections does miracles to your body contour 20 minutes session one area area $50 for the velashape 3

Vitamin Drip

MultiVitamin given in the vein, each vitamin is essential to the body function including skin tone and healthy hair and nail IV vitamin drip takes one hour for one bag Price $200.00

B12 Injections

IM injection of B 12 vitamin which is Lipotropic giving weekly price $5.00 per injection

Bio-Filler Plasma face lift

This is a one step procedure taking blood of your arm and separating the plasma then making a Plasma Gel that will be used (instead of Juvederm )to lift, rejuvenate and/or volumise the face, lips, cheek bones, chin etc. taking care of wrinkles and acne scars also signs of aging, it is organic since we use your own blood to prepare the Bio-Filler Price $399 per session PLEASE INQUIRE WITHIN

Laser hair removal $50 per session

Laser hair removal, 6 sessions are needed for complete hair removal from one area including but not limited to ( underarm, legs, arms, chin, upper lip, bikini, brazilian, etc...)

PRP also known as Vampire Facial $250.00

This consist of organic procedure using your own blood to make activated plasma which will be injected in your skin via micro-needling and deep injection to stimulate the regeneration of your skin giving it much better texture and tone, micro-needling inject in the Epidermis (superficial layer of the skin) and deep injection stimulate the Dermis ( deeper part of the skin for maximum result and stimulation, IT IS 100 % ORGANIC

Kybella for double chin treatment

Effectively reduce unwanted fat permanently in all area of body, chin, love handle, jaw lines, thighs and abdomen etc.., non surgical FDA approved treatment for double chin by dissolving the far tissue Price : $600.00 per session depending on area (2 vials are needed per session $300 per vial)

Voluma 1 cc Price $750

Amazing for cheekbone enhancement and last up to 18 months

Vollure 1cc price $500

Amazing on lips and laugh lines also under eyes Last up to 18 months per Allergan company

Vi Peel $200 per session

Vi Peel is a gentle yet powerful medical peel for the treatment of acne and acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots and hyperpigmentation, melasma, rosacea and skin overall health. Treatment consist of applying the medical treatment for few hours and the peeling of the skin starts the very next day, with new fresh layer of skin appearing , consultations are free


Is an effective way to permanently reduce underarm sweating and odor by destroying the sweat glands. Please see our Instagram posting for After workout sweating before and after MiraDry Price: inquire within

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Revanesse Versa Price is $425 (1.2 cc Syringe)

Competing with Juvederm and Restylane for Lips and laugh lines, last up to six months, amazing results

Skin booster using Restylane

superficial skin rejuvenation using Restylane Restylane 1cc $427


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special 1 cc Juvederm Ultra plus and 20 units of Botox $550

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Pricing Table

Voluma 1cc Syringe normally $750

  • Injection of cheek bone, nasal bridge, chin and jaw lines